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The Weinstein Laboratory

Genetic Analysis of Vascular Development

We use mutant screens to identify and characterize zebrafish mutants that affect the formation of developing blood vessels, in order to uncover genes important for vascular development,. We previously cloned the defective genes from violet beauregarde (defective in Alk1/acvrl1), plcg1-y10 (defective in phospholipase C-gamma 1), and kurzschluss (defective in a novel chaperonin) mutants. We are currently carrying out an ongoing large-scale genetic screen for ENU-induced mutants using Fli-EGFP transgenic zebrafish and have identified dozens of new vascular-specific mutants. Genetic mapping and and molecular cloning is carried out on the novel mutants. These mutants bring to light new pathways regulating the specification, differentiation, and patterning of the developing vertebrate vasculature. Below: plcg1-y10 mutant lacking the angiogenic primary intersegmental trunk vessels. You can also find out more about the SNP Zebra Fish project SNP Fish

Wild type and mutant